You CAN move from pain, grief, anger, hatred - anything you feel is keeping you from living your fullest life, even if you can’t explain it - to a brand new experience of compassion, forgiveness, and freedom in just one hour.  


Devin’s signature integration of mind-body-spirit techniques reaches deep into your innermost hidden layers of self that are stuck or frozen in time due to experiences of trauma.  Using her unique combined expertise in psychology, neurofeedback, bilateral sound stimulation, EMDR, and brainspotting, she will helping you find and activate the specific points in your brain where the trauma is stuck, and then guide you through to it's release.


 It sounds too good to be true, but the truth is there in her over 25 years of experience and success with thousands of fans and clients all over the world.  Identify and unwrap layers of trauma holding you in place, then easily let those layers go in just moments. Get straight to the source of your discomfort and get rid of it!



Let's start with trauma.  A traumatic event can be any kind of stressful event, what makes it special is how lingering its effects are.

Stressful experiences set off chain reactions initiated in your brain that cause all sorts of physical and emotional ramifications, from feeling heated to screaming to crying, to temporary paralysis and so on.  Your brain's job is to learn from every occasion it can to protect you in the future.  With trauma, your brain is in overdrive, repeating its pattern of signals, forever trying to protect you, perhaps with only the slightest perceived provocation.  Such repetitive activation of your brain and body's stress mechanisms can become a massive hindrance to your health, affecting your mental and physical state to varying degrees.


But how can we fix it? Is it possible to re-pattern our brain???

Thankfully, YES. Say hello to the Brainspot connection. 

As it turns out, when your brain is busily filing away information about your traumatic situation, it organizes it neatly like a dutiful librarian using the Dewey Decimal system; but, the decimals are replaced by specific directions of your eye's gaze and places in your visual orientation.  These places in your vision are aptly called "Brainspots".  A Brainspot holds details about your experience, and is the key to releasing your trauma.  Standard talk therapy will only reach the parts of your brain that are accessible in everyday conversation, but the parts of your story that most affect your ability to live freely, with joy, the way you want to live.. the parts of you that unfortunately continue to pop us as re-lived trauma seemingly out of your control, are buried much deeper in your brain.  

Guess what? So is the Brainspot connection.

Brainspotting was developed as an amalgamation of techniques that each work well, but together work even better.  

With the assistance of a trusted, skilled therapist, you can locate a Brainspot by finding the place in your vision that induces sensations that match those of your traumatic experience.  It may be too challenging to sit in that feeling for very long by yourself, but with the guidance of a therapist you can swiftly re-program your brain to the point that you notice no sensations at all when looking at that very same spot not even an hour later.  You have effectively de-activated your own stressed-out Brainspot.


Of course, there's a lot more science to it than just voila, but this is the essence.  

You can heal your own brain.


Emotional & Physical Trauma

Accident / Injury Trauma

Medical Treatment Trauma

Pre- or Post-Surgery Trauma

Societal Trauma (War, Natural Disasters)

Relationship Trauma

Anxiety / Panic Attacks




Lack of confidence

Psychotraumatic Syndromes (PTSD)

Attention Issues (ADD/ADHD)

Anger / Rage

Impulse Control


Communication Issues

Passive Aggression


Fears / Phobias

Behavioral Conditions


Addictions / Substance Abuse

Somatic Conditions

Environmental Illness


Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Pain / Fibromyalgia

Sports Performance

Sexual Performance

Creativity Enhancement

Personal / Professional Development

Utilization of Innate Skills/Resources


Efficiency Achieving Goals

Setting Boundaries

If you are interested in learning more, this is the classic educational text as well as key topics to research - 

Brainspotting, The Revolutionary New Therapy for Rapid and Effective Change, by David Grand, PhD

(Click linked title above to purchase from the official website)

Your body's Nervous System, especially the Limbic System & Neurophysiology

Bilateral or Biolateral Stimulation

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing)