Join Devin for a powerful combination of her signature Depth Consulting and revolutionary Brainspotting.

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SINGLE  60 min  Depth Consulting and Brainspotting Session

In this 1:1 Depth Consulting and Brainspotting session with Devin Grace you get the opportunity to experience healing on the deepest level.  Every session is a safe, intimate, exploratory conversation between you, Devin, and the parts of you that want to be healed.  Your time is a journey so deep into your psyche and memory files, that you can’t help but take the deepest exhale at its completion. You will be amazed to discover that even though you may have experienced pain for years, or symptoms of trauma your whole life.  You Can bring deep healing change to your core issues right in the moment!  You don’t need to have any understanding of physical anatomy related to the brain; Devin will walk you through the techniques with ease.  Perhaps you’ve been through different types of therapy and still feel there are experiences somewhere in your past, or buried in your mind that you can’t shake - This is your chance to finally, truly be free.   Or perhaps you’ve never felt a standard form of therapy was for you.. you are invited to try this unique experience! There is absolutely no limit to your potential for healing, and this combination of techniques is the most efficient way to get there- It is a gift you give yourself to improve how you feel everyday.


PACKAGE of  (3) or (5)  60 min  Depth Consulting and Brainspotting Sessions

In the over 25 years Devin has been working one on one with clients, the majority choose to book more sessions before the first session is even finished.  This is your opportunity to make that choice in advance.  Imagine the powerful transformation you are capable of in just a single hour session, and then multiply it exponentially - this is the kind of healing that is possible when you give yourself the gift of multiple sessions.  Devin’s incredible insight and access to your innermost memories and layers of hidden pain combined with the ground-breaking techniques of Brainspotting will lead you into a completely new experience of yourself, one that feels free of fear and capable of so much more. If you feel certain there are deep experiences of trauma held within you, the opportunity to work with Devin at your own pace through three or five sessions can be a perfect way to allow the release and healing of innumerable layers that will reveal themselves in that safe, intimate space created every time.  You are highly encouraged to take advantage of one of these packages and make the commitment to your own deep healing.  If you were to ask any of Devin’s thousands of grateful clients, they would all say “What are you waiting for?!?!?”  You will never experience anything like it, and your future will thank you for making it possible.  


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SINGLE 60 Min Session



PACKAGE (3) 60 Min Sessions


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PACKAGE (5) 60 Min Sessions



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